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V-Tracking operates on GPS/GSM/GPRS based technology. Our equipment is an intelligent device as it not only track and immobilize the vehicle but it is also capable of logging the data of the Vehicle movement & occurrences. Using GPRS platform makes it easy to communicate with the vehicle on real time basis.

V-Tracking locates the vehicle with the help of two platforms.

  1. GPS
  2. GSM

GPS stands for Geo-Positioning Satellite Systems. This is a cluster of 24 satellites stations in a Geo- stationary orbit around the earth (Globe). When our equipment is installed and gets connected with a power source, it immediately establishes a contact with 7-8 GPS satellites and start exchanging data with them. This data is processed by our equipment and it saves all the information in its memory.

GSM stands for Global System of Mobile Communication. This platform is provided by the mobile telephone industry of the country. Through this platform all the data is fetched from the memory of the equipment by V-Tracking servers to deliver accurate location and other services to our customers.

How the system works

Vehicle is snatched under coercion and owner/occupant is asked to leave the vehicle. The owner immediately gives a distress call to control room of V-Tracking. Once a distress call is received, our communication specialist gives a command to V-Tracking installed in the vehicle to immobilize (Kill the engine) then Mobile Tracking Unit along with law enforcement agencies is dispatched to the location for the possession of vehicle.

The satellites orbiting the earth send command to our equipment. Then our equipment commences the processing of the data to pin point the longitude and latitude of a vehicle. This data is communicated to V-Tracking control room and there it gets further processed and plotted on a digitalized map of the area. Hence the precise location of the vehicle is determined and recovery of the vehicle is carried out with the help of Law enforcing agencies.

If a vehicle is stolen from parking area, and is driven out of the city limits.

V-Tracking software is capable of drawing numerous geographical fences, to limit the movement of the vehicle. In above scenario whenever the car-snatchers tries to flee the city limits, a breach of fence triggers the Automatic killing of vehicle’s engine, hence the vehicle is immobilized and its location is immediately communicated to the control room where the recovery procedures are carried out.

V-Tracking operates all over the country where GSM network is available. In areas where GSM network is not available V-Tracking equipment is capable of storing the log of movement and occurrences and upon re-entry into the GSM coverage area it immediately transmits the historical data to the servers and update its location, occurrence i.e. Movement locations, Ignition on/off, Speed, Harsh breaking, fuel pilferage etc.

V-Tracking operations are dependent upon provision of GSM facility. V-Tracking uses the facilities of service providers such as, Mobilink, Warid, Ufone and Zong and has agreement with them. Failure of these four service providers has not been reported as yet & we have not come across to any technical difficulties with them. We are maintaining a substantial stock of tracking devices at all times. Beside professionals, we have more than 40 Installers deployed for speedy installation at 12 installation bays, 18 operation officers along with supervisors are deployed in three shifts at control room. Eight MTUs cars equipped with tracker and wireless communicators are at standby round the clock for recoveries and support at nationwide level.

V-Tracking M.I.S is managed by highly qualified personnel; their job is to design software for recording of all data related with the vehicle movements, locations and web access. Their day-to-day assignments are to keep our operations abreast of new technological advancement in software capabilities.

We have full-fledged Geographic Information System; their job is to update the existing digitalized map of the country. They are responsible to vectorize the satellite images & to draw newly erected milestone & landmarks over the existing map.

V-Tracking has state of the art Vehicle Tracking Unit designed & developed by our foreign counter part. Our R&D & MIS personnel have been imparted extensive training by our OEM, who has visited us on various occasions. We are quality conscious company & customer care is near to our heart. We have designed several standing operating procedures (SOPs) which ensure the trouble free operations at any given instance & at any given level. If any fault is identified, our teams are geared to look after & trouble shooting is immediately under taken.

Our product is sold with one-year complete replacement and free service warranty. Technical services will remain available after the end of warranty period at very nominal service charge. Warranty shall only be cancelled if the equipment is burned, damaged or water dipped.

We have an Operations Department responsible for 24-Hours customer services and our Hotline number is 021-111-887-225.