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Hybrid Tracking & Monitoring Of Fishing Boats

Fishing Boat sails in Pakistani Territorial Waters for their Catch. Sometimes, these Fishing Boats Are Lost or Enter Hostile Waters and get arrested. Sometimes, during the High tides or Rain Storm, these boats lose communication with the Harbor Authorities or meet with accidents and get drowned, but no more, the development of Satellite Tracking Equipment, by Global Star, has overcome Non-Communicability with Satellite Communication no matter where your Assets are, in vast Non-GSM Areas of Pakistan or Non-Communicable Waters away from Harbors of Pakistan. Global Star’s SmartOne C, SmartOne Solar will keep the Fishing Boats visible to Harbor Authorities 24/7. A panic alert from Fishing Boats will alert the Maritimes Security Agency for timely intervention and rescue. Establishment of the Smart National Operation Centre (NOC), at the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency’s Headquarters (PMTSA), will enable the PMTSA to keep vigil of all boats on high seas in Pakistani Waters or Beyond.


  • Satellite Based Real Time Location in High Seas
  • Geo Fencing of Pakistani Waters Territory
  • Alert in Case of Violation of fence
  • Alert if Enters into Hostile Waters
  • Alert if Boats are Dragged into Enemy Harbor
  • Panic Alert
  • Ignition on / off Alert
  • Web Access
  • Android / iOS Application
  • Location Via SMS / Satellite Message
  • Multiple Boats Monitoring
  • Working Hour / Efficiency Reporting
  • Speed Analysis